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By popular demand we've released mystery boxes. Here's the deal: you get $59+ worth of new releases and best selling items for $29.99 which is a damn steal! 
  • What you get: a surprise mix of the following items amounting to at least $59+ in retail value: hoodies, t-shirts, shorts, beanies, chains, outerwear, and hats 🖤
  • No duplicate items (don't worry - you ain't getting a box full of the same exact t-shirts or hoodies! 😂 Though that would actually be kinda funny, we wouldn't do that to y'all!)
  • No returns or exchanges - all sales final. It costs way too much to ship these bad boys and it would be an operational nightmare if everyone wanted to exchange their boxes for different items and we don't want to create a negative experience for you - so thank you for your understanding!
  • Mystery boxes can't be combined with any other promos or discounts (I mean, we're already giving you a hell-of-a deal! 🤘)

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  • The delivery date is 6-15 days

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